This blog provides information on a range of college and university IT courses across the UK. We give overviews on Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Foundation Degrees, along with short courses and apprenticeships. Please note that the articles posted are for information purposes only and that we are not affiliated with any of the course providers listed here.

Foundation Degrees

Universities and colleges offer a range of Foundation Degrees which combine academic study with practical work related learning. These courses usually focus on specific industries and lead to recognised qualifications which are relevant to the work.

Post Graduate Degrees

In a highly educated workforce, a Postgraduate degree marks you out from the rest. Your chances of employment are greatly enhanced and salaries often reflect the status acquired.

Short Courses

Short courses are another way of enhancing career prospects and are most effective when targeted towards specific disciplines. Look for a professionally accredited course which will validate your knowledge and skills. Short courses are offered by both academic institutions and commercial enterprises such Paul Brown Associates & QA. A Google search will reveal many such Private Sector providers and the quality of such courses can vary considerably. It is important therefore to look not only at the professional status of the organisation but also testimonials from their trainees.


Many Colleges and Universities now offer apprenticeships across a wide range of careers. ¬†An apprenticeship can be an attractive option for some as it enables you to gain a recognised qualification whilst you’re earning.