Full Time – This course is only available full time.

8 Assessed Modules plus an individual project carried out in the department. All modules are compulsory except Formal Specification, Topics in Privacy & Security, Mobile Device Application Development and Evolutionary Computation. You will be able to choose two of these modules.

The MSc is a full-time, one year course for those with some experience or background in software engineering. You will learn up-to-date theory and practice in the core areas of software engineering, and the core methods and tools used in industry. The course also covers model driven engineering, service-oriented architectures, software architectures and user-centred design.

You will gain a thorough understanding of techniques and practices of software management, including measurement and testing. These techniques will allow you to understand the role of software in commercial organisations and you will be able to develop and maintain these large scale systems.

Course Aims

When you graduate, you will be able to apply advanced software engineering techniques to analyse system problems, design solutions, particularly in a commercial context. You will have experience of using state-of-the-art software engineering tool suites (Eclipse, Epsilon). You will also understand the human factors in software engineering, and be able to design systems taking account the needs of users.

Your individual project gives you the chance to specialise in a specific area of software engineering, as you will undertake independent research and apply your results to develop a real solution – an application, tool or technique.

On graduation, you will be equipped to design and maintain large systems in a wide range of industries, or to pursue an academic research career in software engineering.

Learning Outcomes

  • A thorough grounding and practical experience in the use of state-of-the-art techniques for developing software-based systems.
  • An understanding of the principles behind these techniques, so as to make sound judgements during systems and software design.


Full-time taught postgraduate courses run for 12 months from the start of the academic year in October.  Students on these courses are expected to be in attendance at York for the full 12 months, except for when the Department is closed. Please contact the Postgraduate Admissions Administrator for more details.