Birmingham City University offers a 12-29 month programme in Enterprise Systems Management for Certificate, Diploma, and MSc at the postgraduate level. Students interested in, systems consulting, business management, or experienced professional consultant professionals interested in widening their knowledge base this area may consider this program. Students interested in the SAP University Alliances program will have an exclusive opportunity to work with and learn the ‘SAP Ecosystem’ and create leadership opportunities for themselves as they grow in these skills. Because SAP ERS is the one of the leading enterprise systems management companies partnering with universities to provide real-time knowledge about real-time management systems, students have a unique advantage to become trained professionals in SAP ERP and other enterprise program technology through ought the duration of this programme. If you desire to earn an appreciation and expert status on the structure of large business enterprise ecosystems, and how to solve many of the issues that businesses face in industry worldwide, you may consider becoming a candidate for this program. Upon graduation, students will be well-versed in some of the best management information systems technology offered through SAP University Alliances, and Birmingham City University.

Modules in this postgraduate programme of study include:

  • Semester A
  • 15 credits Procurement & Operations Management
  • 15 credits Customer Relationship Management
  • 15 credits Manufacturing Systems
  • 15 credits Enterprise Systems Management
  • Awarded PgC
  • Semester B
  • 15 credits Developing Financial Capabilities
  • 15 credits Project Management
  • 15 credits Logistics and Distribution Systems
  • 15 credits Business Intelligence Systems
  • Awarded PgD
  • Semester C
  • 60 credits Master’s Project (Dissertation)
  • Awarded MSc

Entry Requirements

Entry into this program requires an honours degree in a subject that is related to an enterprise systems management subject in some manner. This honours degree must carry at least a 2:2 classification. Alternatively, candidates may offer portfolio work in management information systems that demonstrates industry experience that correlates to the programme in attempting to apply for this course.

Additionally  this course is structured specifically for persons with previous knowledge of management in information systems for businesses and corporations. Candidates with experience with technology, operations and processes in industry are encouraged to apply, if they wish to sharpen their expertise and stimulate their intellectual thought processes. Each student will have the opportunity to partake in a self-reflexive learning experience that will assist each person in developing and honing the areas of knowledge and expertise that they are involved in, while also allowing students to grow as the market and industry grows globally in enterprise management systems.


Course Fees

Home and EU students – £585 / 15-credit module
International students –  £975 / 15-credit module


Contact Information

For UK or EU prospective students: +44 (0)121 331 5595

For Non-EU Countries: +44 (0) 121 331 6714



To enrol for this course please apply through UCAS (see link under ‘IT Course providers’)