The University of Warwick offers a three year course of study in Discrete Mathematics (BSc). This course is currently being restructured. Students interested studying the mathematical concepts that lay the groundwork for the field of computer science with a focus on discrete mathematical structure should consider this programme. In this course of study students can look forward to joint instruction with the Warwick Mathematics institute. This sets this course of study apart from other university offerings. Students will have the opportunity explore applications of discrete mathematics in computing in areas such as: search engines, telecoms, algorithms, coding, banking, security, and cryptography. Further, students will have a chance to develop their academic rigor in discrete mathematics from a choice of various combinations of the modules offered in the program.

Modules in this course of study include:

  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Discrete Structures
  • Algorithmic Applications,
  • Software Engineering
  • Optimisation Problems
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Combinatorial Analysis
  • And many more!


Entry Requirements

 Entry into this program requires 3 A levels, and a typical offer is A*AA including an A* in Mathematics or Future Mathematics. Students who would like to enrol in this course are also required to have A Levels in Math, Computing, and a C Grade in GCSE. For students who do not have standard qualifications, please note that this course of study does not have a preference for any combination of A-levels. Additional the Department of Computer Science at Warwick invite mature adult students to apply for their program. Employment experiences are considered for entrance into the program. Mature applicants should be proficient in mathematical skills, and should be able to prove their ability to successfully complete a intense course in Discrete Mathematics.  General Studies are not accepted. Additionally two AS levels count for one A level for entrance into this program. Applicants are not required to have any practical programming experience but encourages students to gain experience before starting the program. This course is not offered part time.

For international students without UK qualifications, the offers made by this program are in cooperation with the information listed by UCAS. Students are encouraged to visit this page to decide if they should apply and then have their current institution provide this programme with pertinent information as to how student are qualified for this programmer.


Course Fees

Home and  EU Students: £6,000/academic year

International Students:  Band 1: £14,420 Band 2: £18,390

Contact Information

Department of Computer Science

University of Warwick

Coventry, CV4 7AL

Tel: +44 24 7652 3193


General Enquiries:


To enrol for this course please apply through UCAS (see link under ‘IT Course providers’)