Birmingham City University offers a postgraduate, 13-29 month (full time or part time), MSc degree programme in Digital Broadcast Technology. Faculty from the Technology Engineering & the Environment department provide instruction in this programme of study. Potential students interested in how broadcast technologies have become integrated with the world wide web, gaming, and other virtual environments should considered applying to this program. To maintain the UK’s expert knowledge in the area of digital broadcast technology, this program offers to capitalise on industry knowledge in order to remain committed to the changing and evolving nature of this field. As, such faculty and staff are committed to high standards in content delivery and student learning in the digital Broadcast Media Programme.

Students in this programme will have exclusive access to the partnerships and relationships that this programme has developed in the business world in various professional fields. This programmed is structured to make sure that students are able to gain the proper knowledge and craft their technical and theoretical understandings of the field by focusing on professional and applicable skills that relate directly to the industry and relevant jobs. The programme ecompasses five  themes around which modules are set: Web Technologies, Media Distribution Architectures, Production, and Media Technology Formats and Research Methods.

Modules in this postgraduate programme of study include a combination of the following from each theme:

  • Theme 1: Web Technologies

-Network Technologies (10 credits)

  • Theme 2: Media Distribution Architectures

-Networks Technologies (20 credits)

-Media Solutions and Architecture (20 Credits)

  • Theme 3: Production

– Production Technologies (10 Credits)

– Workflow Methods (20 Credits)

  • Theme 4: Media Technology Formats

-Media Acquisition and Presentation (10 credits)

-Compression Encoding (20 Credits)

  • Theme 5: Research Methods

-Research Methods (10 credits)

  • Masters Project (60 credits)

Program total credits equal 180.

Entry Requirements

 Entry into this program normally requires prospective students to hold a Second Class Honours degree or its equivalent in a related discipline to Digital Broadcast Technology. Nevertheless, prospective students can also submit materials for candidacy if they can prove that they have the appropriate combination of skills, education, and experience to complete this programme of study with success. International students should enquire on the website or using the contact information below for specific details for each country.


Course Fees

Home and EU students – £8,200 / 13 months
International students –  £14,200 / 13 months


Contact Information

Prospective students from the UK or EU: +44 (0)121 331 5595.

Prospective students from non-EU countries: +44 (0)121 331 6714.

To enrol for this course please apply through UCAS (see link under ‘IT Course providers’)