University of Birmingham provides a four-year course in Computer Science with one year in Industry. Students with a passion for the theory and mathematical underpinnings of programming, networking, and various social network applications may be interested in pursuing entry into this course of study. This programme offers a year in Industry between the second and third year of the course. This industrial year places students in real-world employment settings to gain management and applied computer science skills for excellent rates of entry into the professional world post graduation.  Modules in this course of study include:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Global Marketing
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Commercial Programming
  • Databases
  • Virtual Reality
  • Supply chain Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • And many more!


Entry Requirements

 Entry into this program requires 3 A levels, and a typical offer is A*AA-AAB. Students who would like to enrol in this course are also required to have A Levels in Math, Computing, and a C Grade in GCSE. A B Grade in Mathematics is acceptable if no A Levels are offered. General studies are not accepted.

For international students additional requirements apply. Students outside of the EU must have an Internaitonal Baccalaureate Diploma of 35 points. This must include six in HL Mathematics or computing. Students are also required to have a 5 in SL Mathematics, if HL is not offered. A 5 in SL English is mandatory. Standard English Language Requirements are mandatory.


Course Fees

Home and EU students – £9000 / academic year
International students –  £13,000 / academic year


Contact Information

Admissions Tutor: Dr Peter Hancox
Telephone enquiries: +44 (0)121 415 8742


To enrol for this course please apply through UCAS (see link under ‘IT Course providers’)