The University of London- Royal Holloway offers a three-year course in Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence (BSc)  Prospective students with an interest in the way that the world works through the technology of artificial intelligence, or have some background in the field might consider this course. This program boasts a number of top educators and researchers in the  Artificial Intelligence industry, teaching the techniques behind artificial intelligence grounding in computing. A few areas of growth in artificial intelligence are in diagnostics training, and natural language learning systems. The types of technology that allow remote access to homes for safety and convenience can be contributed to the area of artificial intelligence in computer science. As a student interested in this course of study may already know that artificial intelligence has permeated most of the ways in which we now process the human experience. In this program, you will learn the foundational combination of skills and theory in computation and artificial intelligence.

Modules in throughout the three years of this course of study include:

  •  Internet services
  •  Databases
  •  Mathematical structures
  • Machine fundamentals
  •  Software engineering
  • Team project in artificial intelligence
  • Programming paradigms
  • Robotics
  • Computer graphics
  • Network operating systems
  •  Algorithms and complexity
  • Introduction to information security
  • And many more!



Entry Requirements

 Entry into this program requires ABC/BBB A levels as a typical offer including at least B in mathematics or physics or ABC with an A in computing. Particularly this programs seeks out students who have capabilities in the computer sciences exemplified by programming experience or an A-level with analytical component (Math or Physics). This program does not recognise A-level in ICT as a rigorous analytical subject.

For international students additional requirements apply. Students outside of the EU must have an International Baccalaureate Diploma of 32 points with 5 points in mathematics or physics at a higher level. Six points in HL Mathematics or computing is also a requirement (in place of HL when not offered). A mandatory score of 5 in SL English and the Standard English language requirements of the university strictly apply. BTEC Diploma student offers include Distinction, Distinction, Distinction (defined computing component must be included), with a B in GSCE Mathematics. Students from overseas should contact the University’s international student offices to discuss further requirements.


Course Fees

Home and EU students – £9000 / academic year
International students –  £14,600 / academic year


Contact Information

Department of Computer Science
Royal Holloway, University of London
TW20 0EX

telephone: + 44 (0) 1784 443421
fax: + 44 (0) 1784 439786


To enrol for this course please apply through UCAS (see link under ‘IT Course providers’)